Oshojev Sannyasin ali učenec postaneš sam. 


Vsak, ki se je odločil, da živi polno življenje v vsej svoji lepoti in pod enim samim pogojem, ki se mu reče zavedanje, meditacija - tako med ostalim Osho opisuje Sannyas - lahko postane Sannyasin neposredno, brez posredovanja kogarkoli drugega. 


To pomeni popolno spoštovanje tvoje osebnosti in svobode: "To je tvoja odločitev. Vedno pomni, karkoli se zgodi, je to tvoja odločitev. Če si Sannyasin, je to tvoja odločitev. Če odvržeš sannyas, je to tvoja odločitev. Če ga ponovno sprejmeš, je to zopet tvoja odločitev. Vse prepuščam tebi." 


Če te zanima, lahko greš na stran www.neosannyas.org,  klikneš na Contact Us in izpolniš podatke. 


Ime si izbereš s pomočjo seznama dosedanjih imen (Names Used in the Past).


What does it mean to be Sannyasin


"Sannyas movement is not mine. It is not yours. It was here when I was not here. It will be here when I will not be here. Sannyas movement simply means the movement of the seekers of truth. They have always been here. There have always been a line of seekers of truth. I call it sannyas. It is eternal. It is sanatan. It has nothing to do with me. Millions of people have contributed to it. I have also contributed my own share. It will go on becoming richer and richer. 


When I am gone there will be more and more people coming and making it richer. I will be gone. That does not mean that the sannyas movement will be gone. It does not belong to anybody. I cannot give you the truth, but I can show you the moon. Please don't get attached to my finger which is indicating the moon. This finger will disappear. The moon will remain and the search will continue. As long as there is a single human being on the earth the flowers of sannyas will go on blossoming. First, I am the only man in the whole history who gives you individuality. The so-called gurus were doing just the opposite: they were taking away your individuality. Their whole effort was that you should surrender to them; that your function was just to touch their feet and receive their blessings. My effort is totally different. You cannot receive any blessing by touching anybody's feet. On the contrary, you are making that man more egoistic and sick. Ego is the cancer of his soul. Don't make anybody sick. Be compassionate. Never touch anybody's feet. My effort is to take away all traditions, orthodoxies, superstitions, beliefs, from your mind so that you can attain a state of no-mind: the ultimate state of silence where not even a thought moves, not even a ripple in the lake of your consciousness. And the whole thing has to be done by you. I am not saying that Just follow me. I am the savior. I will save you. All that is crap. Nobody can save you, except yourself. And the spiritual independence is the only independence worth calling independence.


Osho, Last Testament, Vol. 6, Number 14




What are the prerequisites for being a disciple?


"None at all. An open heart, a loving heart, a deep trust in oneself and nothing else is needed. You don't have to surrender to some master. You don't have to worship some God. And you don't have to do some prayer to some hypothetical deity. You don't have to go to man-made temples and churches to find that which is hidden within you. A disciple is the seed of a master. The disciple is also a lotus flower. It is just that you are looking somewhere else and not within yourself.

                                                                                                                       Osho, Live Zen, Number 7

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